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may 2-3 & 16-17, 2020

Sat & Sun

Grenade 1 18th Century Fashion Plate 133
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Classes are paid for individually, you may pick and choose- please consult schedules times to be sure your choices do not overlap. They will be held in 'rooms' using webconference software on a listed schedule. Classes are broadcast using webcams, attendees do not need a webcam to attend but will need to download the [free] video software

Classes are booked with and paid directly to the teachers. Attendance and wait lists are at their discretion. Questions regarding specific classes should be addressed to those teachers.


We want everyone to be able to participate- lists of required materials will be tailored to what attendees may have on hand as much as possible. *Do not leave the house to shop for this* If you are lacking supplies, you are still welcome to attend in a demo capacity.

 See you soon!

18th Century

-18th Century-

Beyond the Fringe:

A Deeper Look at 18th Century Passementerie

Cost: $20                                    Teacher: Denise Hendrick

2 hours

In this class, students will discuss additional elements commonly seen in 18th c. trims and take a look
at 6 gowns from the V&A in more detail. Instructor will teach ways to identify how they are constructed, including internal elements of cord & wire for trim such as- passementerie, fly fringe, puffed 'bonbons', loops & tufts, rosebuds, Tenerife & Ganutell flowers, gimp & picots, flattened puffs, tassels & more.

Students will not be creating trim during this introductory lecture, but attendees will receive a 10% discount off of the detailed online instructional course (47 units).

**Sunday, May 3 full**


Sunday, May 17 only

 11:30 am-1:30 pm PST 

1:30-3:30 pm CST 

2:30-4:30 pm EST

Georgian Ribbon Embroidery:

An Overview

Cost: $10                                    Teacher: Denise Hendrick

1 hour

An overview of 18th c. ribbon embroidery examples, including discussion of the stitches and
materials used, with two sample designs you can try at home. Includes use on garments (muffs, pelerines & court suits & more) and household items (fire screens, needle cases).

Students will review ribbon selection, types of stitches & receive 2 pdf patterns to try at home.  

*Optional ribbon kit available for projects- $14 kit fee*

**Saturday, May 2 full**


Saturday, May 16 only

9-10 am PST

11 am-12 pm CST

12-1 pm EST

Making to Measure:

Historical Measuring/Patterning for 18th & 19th Century Menswear


Cost: $10                                                Teacher: Paul White

2 hours

Workshop in which students create waistcoat patterns for both the 18th and 19th century eras with paper and pencil using historical methods and learn how to take measures.


Various drafting styles will be examined from the 18th century paper strip method to cutting and tailoring guides from 1799, 1818, 1850s and more.


Saturday, May 2

11 am-1 pm PST

1-3 pm CST

2-4 pm EST

Digital Patterning in GIMP:

Resizing & Perfecting your Custom Pattern

cutting diagram.jpg

Cost: $10                                                Teacher: Paul White

2 hours

Tutorial demonstrates how to digitize a pattern from a book or other physical object (such as a garment or sloper) and manipulate it using the tools in GIMP (Generic Image Manipulation Program), an open-source Photoshop alternative.


By the end of the class, students will be able to scan a pattern into GIMP, create a custom graph paper fill pattern for scaling/printing digital patterns, and will be able to redraw an existing pattern to their measurements to minimize the need for multiple mockups. Ideal cutting layouts and adjusting for distortion will also be covered.


MAY 3 & MAY 17

12-2 pm PST

2-4 pm CST

3-5 pm EST

Custom Patterning:

Redrafting 18th Century Stays


Cost: $40                                         Teacher: Carrie Midura

4 hours

Using an extant pattern for stays (provided as a print-at-home document), together we'll walk through the steps of altering and re-drafting the base pattern to become a customized pattern for each individual. Students will learn what measurements are needed, where to take them on the body and how to apply to achieve a perfect fit.


Exploration of additional style changes (front stomacher opening, etc) will be discussed, and questions about overall stays-making will be included as time allows.

**Saturday, May 16 full**

2-6 pm PST

4-8 pm CST

5-9 pm EST



A Regency project

Recreating an 1820s Tasha Tudor Sleeve