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an online conference for historical costuming

Chantal Filson: Founder/Dean

Costume On is an international online conference for historical costuming created during the 2020 Quarantine. Students attended from all over the world, including Canada, Australia, Panama, the UK, France, italy, Ireland, Germany & the Netherlands.

Speakers across the globe use video conferencing to teach fashion history and technique, covering a range of eras that primarily focus on the 18th century to early 20th. Classes include both lectures and hands-on workshops, where students interact with the teacher in real-time.


The conference is a biannual event, (spring/fall). A supplemental series of Master Classes runs throughout the year, intensive 2 day seminars for sewing & technology.

Costume on 4      May 14-15, 2022

Screenshots of Costume On 4 (May 14-15, 2022)


After a break, Costume On was back! Conference #4 featured the exquisite collection of the Antique Corset Museum and one of the strongest student responses yet. Many new attendees, some from Italy and Ireland, and several new instructors. #4 featured another Historybounding lecture and a look at the Tudor era as the spectrum of represented periods continues to expand.

Costume on 3: origins      april 17-18, 2021

Screenshots of Costume On 3: Origins (April 17-18, 2021)


The third conference was a great start to year two for Costume On! There was a fantastic mix of lectures and workshops, with presentations by two new museum curators and several teachers overseas. The General Lounge was back, with some excellent open forum discussions on period technique, and this conference featured three free bonus classes for students rather than the usual two.

Costume On 3: Origins also invited students to write in accounts of their own costume beginnings, which were then shared on a page (click here).

Costume on 2: Tailored    September 19-20, 2020