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Livestreaming: Tools, Tech & Presentation was the first seminar in this series of specialized, intensive workshops.

Whether you are a vendor looking to transition to online sales or a costumer wanting to develop your social media presence, this class covered a vast spectrum of scenarios, equipment, editing, and social media platforms.

Instructor Ariana Bauer of the Cosplay Sewing School explored hardware, software, lighting, setups, product photography, and much more in this two-day class.


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-Intro to video production (live & recorded)


-Lighting (Setups, placement, types)

-Camera (Multicam setups, types, settings)

-Mics (Options, types, recording)

-Software (Recording, livestreams, tech)

-Editing (Software, apps, options)

-Livestreaming (Tech, social media platforms)

-Info booklet packed with tips & info

-And more!

Class preview


Ariana Bauer

Costume On is honored to have instructor Ariana Bauer return for this 2 day, 12 hour workshop to kick off the Master Class series. These solo seminars are detailed, intensive and focus on specialized areas of costuming, both tech and sewing. 

Costume On features inclusive, body-positive content, all skill levels are welcome!

Ariana is a sewing teacher & pro cosplayer. Her motto is all bodies are good bodies! She firmly believes that learning to sew enables people to feel good by having clothes that fit well and represent their personality.

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