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Costume on 2:


sept 19-20

  Welcome back!


  The theme of 'Tailored' for Costume On 2 originally stemmed from an idea I had to focus strictly on period menswear.. but as things often do, it evolved and found its own way. Any initial disappointment I had at the event not going according to plan rapidly dissipated when I realized this second conference has not only adapted, but become just what I (and hopefully, you) needed. Menswear and tailoring has some excellent representation here, but the other classes follow the larger theme of tailoring something to you. To alter what isn't working, and to make it better. To make it suit your personal style and create custom fit. To adjust a history both inadequately and inaccurately relayed, through the threads that join us together.


  I have torn the website down to its foundation, and rebuilt it. There are a few new tweaks to event format, with an emphasis on quality control as before. The General Lounge chat room will be back, and there are two terrific bonus classes, all of which are free to registered students.


  I like to wish for impossible things, and am beyond thrilled to plainly say that Costume On 2:Tailored has captured lightning in a bottle. Between the classes offered and the extremely talented speakers, it is an absolute honor to host their efforts. 


 See you in class! xo


Chantal Filson

Founder/Dean, Costume On

September, 2020

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