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APRIL 17-18, 2021

  It's been quite the year.

A time of incredible upheaval and grief, but also an unparalleled opportunity for change and education. Costume On was founded out of a love for the style of the past, but translated through modern values. Equality, inclusivity, respect, community.

Hate and intolerance will never have a place in Costume On, it is a safe space of learning and encouragement, regardless of race, ethnicity, orientation or skill level. All students and teachers must agree to and abide by a strict Code of Conduct, classes are created using these core values. Teachers retain the rights to their own material and are paid directly, students are encouraged and supported.

The theme for this third conference began as a bit of humor (every trilogy has an origin story), but it is also a platform to examine the origins of period clothing across cultures. To incorporate human experience into our history and art. I am curating a curriculum that features the origins of some techniques, the basis of some major influences in the historical costume community, and fashion in history and the people who wore it. 


I have many ideas, and strive to do the spectacular, the unexpected, the fascinating and fun. Experiences you won't find elsewhere, places you are unable to travel to- delivered to you through your monitor. Costume On started with an idea, and lives through a growing group of people across the globe who come together to support and celebrate this community and each other. Through you. 

See you in April! xo


Chantal Filson

Founder/Dean, Costume On

January, 2021

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