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JANUARY 23-24, 2021- **WAIT LIST ONLY**


Costume On: Master Class is thrilled to present the second seminar of this series of specialized, intensive workshops. Master Classes are online, in real-time with live teachers.

Join Instructor Catherine Scholar to learn the intricacies of an 1890s skirt hem, crucial for that perfect swing and true period effect.



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The 2-day intensive workshop covers:

  • Hem facings (using multiple, the various types)

  • Dust ruffle (how to create & apply)

  • Fabrics (the various materials required and their effects)

  • Period techniques

Students will receive a list of required materials that will specify 6 walking skirt patterns suitable for class, along with a project calendar of weekly goals to prep their skirts for the workshop. 

The Master Class will focus on mid to late 1890s street-length walking skirts of wool or twill, but additional notes and tips will be given for:

  • Ball gowns & formal skirts

  • Variations of the hem facings & dust ruffles

  • Applying techniques to lined vs. unlined skirts

  • How to achieve sculptural folds that hold a perfect shape but can flex and move

  • Reviewing pattern diagrams and photos of original examples


Catherine Scholar


Costume On is honored to have instructor Catherine Scholar return for this 2 day intensive workshop. These solo seminars are detailed, intensive and focus on specialized areas of costuming, both tech and sewing. 

Costume On features inclusive, body-positive content, all skill levels are welcome!

Catherine served on the board of the Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild for 10 years as Newsletter Editor, Events Coordinator, and President.  She has taught many costuming workshops for GBACG, Lacis, Renaissance Fabrics, and Costume College, and is a current fashion student.

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