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The Garrett

January/February's pattern is The Garrett, an 1886 style with clean lines and sharp angles meant for tailored ensembles. Commissioned by Sewstine, this hat is modeled after original fashion plates of the era. It is named in honor of Sewstine and Elizabeth Garrett Anderson.

These photos show the cardboard mockup and a finished hat with two trim styles. Trim and veil patterns not included.

Available for Tier 3 subscribers, the hand-drafted pattern is not available anywhere else. The downloadable zip file consists of tiled pattern pieces for the brim, crown and tip (silk version).

No instructions are included, but a live demo will be given over Zoom later in February regarding use of this pattern.

The original design is hand-drafted and can be printed at home on letter-size paper. Each tiled piece includes markers for 1 inch and 1 centimeter to maintain the correct proportions.

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